Assistant - Evelyn

Assistant – Evelyn

Hi, My name is Evelyn.

I have lived in the Illawarra all my life, I joined the team at Illawarra Chiropractic 9 months ago and before this I was a delivery driver for 13 years.

Up until recently I was constant migraine sufferer, doctors were unable to find any reason so they put it down as idiopathic (no known cause).

I had an accident while working and hurt my lower back and I was sent off to a physiotherapist. After six weeks of treatment I wasn’t getting any relief from my back pain and still had no movement, so I asked my doctor and case-worker if I could try a Chiropractor. The doctor was hesitant as she did not believe in Chiropractic adjustment.

My husband was also skeptical about alternative methods, however it was my back and my health suffering, he could not bear to see me in pain and unable to move so he agreed. I rang Michael and explained my situation. I started a program on a regular basis and within six weeks was back on my feet with full movement, no pain from my back and the migraines had ceased. I was able to return to my full-time position as a delivery driver and I have also got my fitness back on track and have started a 12 week Body Sculpture program at te local gym – Thank you Michael.

I retired from my position as a delivery driver and was offered a position with Michael and his team as a Chiropractic Assistant working in the Clinic. I now greet people that are in intense pain similar to what I have suffered and also see them after their adjustments programs – pain free, no medications and are back to enjoying a normal lifestyle. It’s such a wonderful feeling.