What do I expect on my first visit ?

  • After an initial extensive history taking the chiropractor will examine your spine and perform a postural analysis, with range of motion testing to identify the joints involved. This helps determine what course of care is required to have you reach your optimal level of health.

Do I need x-rays ?

  • Depending on examination findings you may be referred for x-rays to identify the extent of the problem. X-rays are usually covered by medicare.

Do I need a referal from a GP ?

  • Although most GP’s have a good working relationship with chiropractics a referral is not required.

What should I wear ?

  • Loose, comfortable clothing that is easy to work through. You will not be required to remove clothing.

Are there any age restrictions ?

  • Chiropractic care is for everyone. We have adjusted babies as young as 5 hours old and as old as 95 years of age. Our techniques are safe and gentle for babies and seniors and everyone in between.

How long will I need Chiropractic care ?

  • This varies from person to person depending on how extensive and how long the problem has existed. This condition may have been there longer than you realise as pain is the last symptom to occur.
  • Initial Intensive Phase. Generally in the initial intensive Phase of care it is usually recommended that you receive 2 adjustments a week for 4 – 6 weeks as each visit builds on the one before.
  • Reconstructive Phase. After the Initial Phase of care, it is recommended that you receive 1 adjustment per week or fortnightly for 4 – 6 weeks. This is the reconstructive Phase of care.
  • Wellness Care. At the end of the reconstructive Phase you have achieved the goal of moving to Wellness care. During Wellness care it is recommended that you have regular check ups. This is usually an adjustment once a  month.

Why do I need to keep coming back when I feel good ?

  • When you reach Wellness Care it’s important to keep your monthly adjustments so your chiropractor can keep your spine aligned and your body functioning at it’s optimal level. During the course of day to day living, our bodies are placed under postural stress and strains from computer use, financial pressures, relationship problems and slouching in front of the TV or while driving the car. Wellness care prevents these stresses leading to re-occurrences.

Does an adjustment hurt ?

  • Our techniques are safe and gentle so no discomfort should be felt during an adjustment. On occasions when conditions have been left for too long, when a joints mobility has changed it may become inflamed. This can happen for the first or second adjustment and is any discomfort is felt, an ice pack can give relief.

What if my GP tells me I have Arthritis ?

  • The most common form of arthritis id Osteoarthritis which can be improved by restoring joint mobility with chiropractic adjustments.

Will my private health insurance cover Chiropractic ?

  • Yes. Most health funds cover chiropractic care. Health fund rebates are available at our clinic through HICAPS.

If you have any further questions ask your chiropractor.